BU Med’s Starfish programme started

Our newly selected talents for BU Med’s trainee program, Starfish, started their competency training on December 4.

The young starfishes began their first training learning the history of DFDS and the DFDS Way, and then continued with self development, identifying different personalities and behaviours by referring to personality type’ studies.

Three more training sessions are planned with the project depending on our young talents’ main improvement points. These trainings will cover effective communication techniques, management skills and public speaking skills.

BU Med has many ambitions with the Starfish such as improving young talents’ interpersonal skills to create a more collaborative working environment in the future whether when they are on board or in the office. By this program, talents is educated within the DFDS culture and values.

Gizem Şen, PR & Corporate Communications Jr. Specialist, says: “I think the word that should be used to summarize this amazing program is commitment. We, all Starfishes, are improving esprit de corps day by day and this strengthens the bonds among us and DFDS. I look forward to meeting future talents in this program.”

December 17, 2019