BU Med: One year with Sète

The Sète team celebrating one year with the route.

Precisely one year ago, BU Med moved all sailings between Turkey and France to Sète due to more intermodal opportunities and being strategically right for our customers as it is close to most of our markets such as Spain and Portugal.

With large vessels that can carry up to 300 trucks each trip, the route to and from Sète has made 24,147 transportations on Pendik/Yalova-Sète and 29,031 on Sète-Pendik/Yalova.

With the inclusion of our colleagues from the closed office in Toulon, the Sète team has become a strong unit that works to develop local business and operations. They are currently planning to make train connections in the Port of Sète and set up buildings for recreational activities for drivers in the port.

Ayberk Eskin, France Route Director, says: “I think the improvement we have shown in one year is really admirable. We started this route in the middle of a crisis and had serious problems at the beginning, but we have now reached an excellent service level. I sincerely thank all my friends in France, Turkey, ports, agencies and vessels who contributed for this to happen.”

Jimmy Marolle, Agency Director France, says: “It is now one year ago from when I stood under heavy rain and saw the first call of UND Ege (now Gallipoli Seaways) and I am proud of what we have achieved from that time until now with excellent teamwork at all levels to make this route a success”.

July 9, 2020