BU Med now in place in southern France

Marseille and Sète teams together with Ayberk Eskin (Route Director France) and his sales team this week at a Christmas dinner

We are currently operating two routes in southern France: Marseilles – Tunis from the office in Marseille and Istanbul – Sète from the office in Sète which we began to set-up as soon as the route started back in July.

“This agency was created from scratch in July 2019 and in a limited time period, they managed two weekly calls from July to October. However due to demand, we quickly added a third call. The route is now operated with four vessels and offers three sailings per week on fixed days. The office in Sète started as three colleagues with the support and assistance of our agency in Istanbul and I would, in this regard, like to thank them for their great help,” says Jimmy Marolle, France Agency Manager. “In Sète, there are now eight people and four of them are from our previous agency in Toulon.

New responsibilities for Saïd Sid
“We are very pleased that Saïd Sid, who was Operations Manager in Marseilles, has decided to move to Sète as Port and Operations Manager. Saïd will remain in charge of both operations in each location and will keep reporting to Jimmy.

This will ensure favourable collaboration between the agencies that will benefit from Saïd’s experience,” says Lars Hoffmann, Vice President & Head of BU Mediterranean.

“Additionally, the Port of Sète is offering intermodal facilities, that neither the port of Toulon nor Marseille are offering, which will certainly lead to new business development for DFDS. The Marseille – Tunis route continues unchanged with three calls per week.

“In France, we have experienced a much closer cooperation with Istanbul, which definitely will benefit our business. We have been assisted with manpower whenever we needed, so we really look forward to developing this route – as we are now are working as one unit.”

Organisation chart of the agencies in Marseille and Sète:

December 13, 2019