Boosting sales in BU MED

The new Galaxy project aims to boost BU MED’s volumes following the impact of the pandemic. The main goal is to gain about 7000 new units on our Mediterranean lines from new and actual DFDS customers who have been sending units to Europe using different modes of transportation. We want to get fast results to compensate for the decreasing volumes caused by COVID-19.

Here’s what we want to achieve:

  • We want to provide more competitive prices on our ro-ro and intermodal lines for existing customers who carry units to European cities we see as new priority markets.
  • We want to use promotional campaigns to get existing customer to ship extra units.
  • We want to guarantee bookings on our vessels for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • We want to arrange bookings for intermodal and ro-ro customers who have struggled with permit documents while passing through Austria.
  • We want to highlight the benefits of using DFDS lines to customers who prefer road transport: less paperwork for transit permits, lower costs and fewer issues related to crossing borders.
  • In general, we want to help customers and drivers to avoid spending too much time on handling border precautions caused by COVID-19.

“The logistics sector has been negatively affected by COVID-19. With the Galaxy Project, we aim to benefit from the advanced logistics services we offer to companies in different segments by being solution-oriented and striving for customer satisfaction. We are trying to achieve a better position in the market by increasing business volumes without having to wait for the global economy to return to normal,” says BU MED Sales & Business Development Director Önder Başboğa.

July 24, 2020