A trip around locations in BU Med

Jimmy Marolle (left) and Lars Hoffmann (right) with the Socotu Shipping team

The first week of February was a busy one for Lars Hoffmann, Vice President and Head of BU Mediterranean and Jimmy Marolle, Route & Agency Director. Together they went on a trip to Tunesia and France meeting colleagues, local partners, and agencies as well as seeing the facilities. They ended the trip in Sète for a town hall meeting.

The purpose of the trip was to give Lars Hoffmann an overview and a first-hand impression of the facilities at the Port of Rades and La Goulette, the two ports that we are calling in Tunisia and of course getting a chance to talk to colleagues about the operation and local business.

Newly promoted Jimmy Marolle, Route & Agency Director, says “In Tunesia, we met our local partners, third party agent and transport and logistics company, Socotu, who has represented DFDS for over 20 years and Tunisian ferry company Cotunav with whom we have a technical partnership with and the port authorities as well. We introduced them to our new structure and organization in BU Med and discussed cooperation reinforcement as well as Turkey-Tunisia business opportunities and possibilities.”

“We concluded our trip in France with a town hall meeting at the newly established office in Sète where it was a pleasure meeting our enthusiastic team handling the Istanbul – Sète route. The meeting focused, among other things, on recent development in the Business Unit, and how we can contribute to a successful delivery of our Win23 ambitions” says Lars Hoffmann, Vice President and Head of BU Mediterranean.

Photo taken at the 
office in Sète: From left to right: Alexandre Sabatte, Lars Hoffmann, Atakan Alkan, Marjorie Magnier, Jimmy Marolle, Julien Mestre, Saïd Sid, Cécilia Escolano, Arthur Claude.


Lars Hoffmann accompanied by Zohra Souab from Socotu in the middle of a tour at the Port of Rades.

February 17, 2020