DFDS wins new German paper contract

DFDS is to transport 50.000 tons of Paper from the German paper manufacturer Schoellershammer’s paper mill in Düren to the UK and Norway. The agreement includes both logistics and ferry as well as warehousing in Immingham.

Over the last few months, our colleagues in Forest & Metal have put a lot of hard work into securing a new strategic contract with Schoellershammer. The company produces about 550 tonnes of paper annually for the packaging industry at their paper mill in Düren, Germany.  

“We used to carry paper to the UK with Schoellershammer as an indirect customer. However, we saw the potential, acted on it, and have now agreed a strategic partnership and a new transport contract for some 50.000 tons of paper per year directly with Schoellershammer,” says Kasper Hægeland Svenningsen, MD, Ferry Norway.  

About 24.000 tons will be shipped from Zeebrugge to Immingham as StoRo cargo and stored in a warehouse in Immingham until required by the customer. Our Shipping Logistics Department will arrange the local UK deliveries. 

640 Trailer loads (16.000 tons) will be shipped as direct door-to-door deliveries in the UK by Logistics in the Netherlands using the Vlaardingen ‒ Immingham ferry route. 

Up to 400 Trailer loads (10.000 Tons) will be shipped as door-to-door transport to Norway by Logistics in Belgium, via the Ghent/Zeebrugge ‒ Gothenburg ferry routes.  

“We received extremely good feedback about the process and our strategic approach of working as one DFDS, via Forest & Metal. If we prove ourselves worthy of their trust, Schoellershammer have indicated that they will let us look into several other potential traffic lanes,” Kasper Hægeland Svenningsen says. “Actually, Schoellershammer just booked a few test loads with DFDS from Germany to Finland. This was arranged together with our new colleagues from the recent acquired Freeco Logistics in Finland. 

The Logistics Manager at Schoellershammer said that our team made him feel that he is in good hands, and that our way of working fits perfectly with their company culture and business. “We are delighted to get this kind of feedback from a new strategic customer. It shows that we can do great things with the right DFDS Way approach. I’m sure we are off to a great start, ” says Kasper Hægeland Svenningsen 

Kasper Damgaard, VP & Head of Business Unit Forest & Metal and Client Engagement is thrilled with the team effort: “A huge thank you to all involved, not least Paul Sørensen who coordinated the sales process; Perry Schalker and Christophe Van Laer in Logistics who assisted with knowledge and door-to-door rates; Pete Beauchamp and his team in UK Shipping Logistics for taking care of the warehousing needs and local deliveries, and finally, some of the Brexit Team, with Jean Aubert and Richard Backhouse in leading roles. Their support in the customer’s Brexit preparations was also a key element of this success. Truly the important business win is a product of collaboration across business units and locations” he says. 

March 25, 2020