We all love a story with a happy ending…

Many thanks to Florence Brunel, Acquisition & Brand Marketing Specialist, for sharing this nice story with us all.

This wonderful story started on board our Dieppe – Newhaven ferry. While travelling back to Brighton, one of our little passengers, Lula, lost her cuddly toy. Lula’s mother contacted us the following day to ask if “Doudou” had been found and after a lot of searching, our crew finally managed to track him down on board. The Business Leader said that he would look after the toy until Lula could pick him up at Newhaven. Lula was terribly sad to be separated from her lifetime friend but to help her feel better, her mother and the crew decided to tell her a story about Doudou’s adventures on board the ship.
This is what the crew wrote for little Lula:

We found a little toy dog wandering on a big ferry boat, sad and unhappy. At first it was difficult to understand what he was saying but we listened very hard and he told us that his name was Doudou, that he had lost his family but most of all, he was missing his best friend Lula.

We said he must stay with us until his family came back and as we were short-staffed, we asked him to help on board. Being busy helped to keep him smiling and took his mind off his problems!

Doudou’s first job was in the kitchens. He was an immediate success and soon made friends with all the chefs. He cooked an excellent spaghetti bolognaise which was very popular with everyone!

We saw that he was very clever and reliable so we asked him to replace the storekeeper and he agreed. Very quickly, Doudou learned to drive the forklift truck and did a wonderful job. In spite of his smiling face, we all knew that Doudou felt sad and missed home, so we gave him lots of jobs to keep him occupied.

Doudou went to work in the cafeteria serving meals to passengers. Then he was asked to be cashier and to take money at the till.

He served drinks in the bar before moving to the Information Desk. Everything was going well until we received a message saying that his family had called and that Lula was very sad without him. He was overjoyed and very excited about seeing Lula again!

We talked about all his adventures and I thanked him for all his hard work. I was surprised when he rushed off to the shop and spent all his wages on sweets – I thought that he must be a very greedy dog and I told him not to make himself sick! He winked and said: “Don’t worry – the sweets are not for me! Lula loves sweets and I am going to share them with her.”

We think this is a wonderful story and Lula’s family is happy for us to share it with you!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the services involved: the crew on board, the French Lost Property Team and staff at Dieppe and Newhaven for their assistance. Thanks to all of you, Lula has been reunited with her loyal friend.



November 19, 2018