Selfie Seaways bringing joy on Channel vessels

The creative team in Dover are always seeking new ways to increase customer satisfaction. The latest additions comprise a selfie vessel and binoculars for children.

Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager of BU Channel, says: ”Our passengers have a lot of fun when having their photo taken on board Selfie Seaways. We have these on board all Channel vessels and in our ticket offices. Actually, this has been such a big success that we have now also placed orders for selfie vessels for Newcastle, IJmuiden, Newhaven and Dieppe. Thank you to Hawa Turner, Marketing Manager OBS, for creating the selfie stands for the ports and on board.

“We are also giving away children’s binoculars at check-in and encourage the kids with their parents to go around the ship and decks and share what they experience at sea. The children are very happy to get this free welcome gift.”


October 29, 2018