Great team effort despite adversity

By Wayne Bullen, Freight Sales Director.

As highlighted by Søren and Peder, it was great to see the strong freight performance in all areas of our business during December, primarily as a result of stockpiling as the Brexit transition period came to an end. In addition to this and looking back on a very turbulent year (with challenges we are all too familiar with), I am very proud to say that on the Channel we finished the year shipping a total of almost 1.2 million freight vehicles, which was 6,000 units ahead of our 2019 performance.

Like many colleagues within DFDS and despite the various challenges I do not recall a single day where our focus and determination were anything less than 100% and now we can clearly see the end results of our combined efforts. I felt it appropriate to take this opportunity to thank the Freight Sales, Customer Service, Operations and Onboard Teams for their essential contribution towards this achievement.

It goes without saying that this success does not compensate for the fall in passengers which was of course an unfortunate consequence of Covid-19 but with the same level of commitment, passion and effort we will achieve optimum results during 2021 and combine this with the hopeful recovery of the important passenger trade to get back to where we all deserve to be.

January 21, 2021