Change of guard in BU Channel

Filip Hermann and Kasper Moos

As we announced before the summer, BU Short Routes and Passenger was split into BU Channel and BU Group Passenger, and we also announced that Filip Hermann was to take up the role as VP of BU Channel. He follows Kasper Moos, who will focus fully on leading BU Group Passenger through the COVID-19 crisis and regaining growth after the pandemic.  

On Monday, the change of guard was marked by a virtual staff meeting on Microsoft Teams. Kasper gave a briefing on last week’s DFDS annual management conference and explained the new separate organisations of BU Channel and BU Passenger.  

Kasper was followed by Gemma Griffin who updated everyone about the work on diversity and inclusivity, remote leadership, and support for those working from home.  Wayne Bullen then talked about how  freight volumes are obviously challenged by the COVID-19 virus, but stated that as a team we had managed to outperform the market and the competition, however despite this achievement it did not compensate for the  significant loss of passenger volume or revenue. 

Chris Parker then showed the development over the year for passenger cars. The figures clearly demonstrated the huge effect of the virus as 2020 saw only about a third of the cars that were carried across the Channel when compared to 2019.  

Thank you and farewell 
Kasper used the occasion to say thank you and farewell to everyone and to welcome Filip as new Head of Channel. He didn’t get the last word though as the thanks were returned by Gemma to all the staff ship and shore for their hard work in extremely challenging circumstances over the last 6 months and Wayne to Kasper on behalf of all of the Channel Team for his support and leadership over the past 4 years. 

“BU Channel is blessed with a remarkable leadership team who know their business, their customers, ships and people inside out. They will know how to support Filip, so together they can bring the business safely through even major challenges such as the current second wave of COVID19 and the end of the Brexit transition period,” says Kasper. 

“I am also extremely pleased that I will continue working with BU Channel through our collaboration on the passenger business and look forward to a future when travel restrictions are a thing of the past and travelling is flourishing again.”  

Filip to visit offices, ports and ships 
Filip, who is now officially head of the Channel, said that he will now consider himself as training on the job and spend time meeting as many colleagues as possible and collecting everybody’s good ideas. Over the next few days, he will visit colleagues in Dover, Dunkerque, Calais and Dieppeand the vessels  

“There is enough to do. We need to navigate business safely through the COVID-19 storm, prepare for Brexit and get ready to receive and deploy our new ferry, Côte D’Opale, Filip said.  

Filip added that he has now moved with his family to Canterbury, about 25 kilometres northwest of Dover, where he and his wife are expecting their second child to be born soon.  

October 8, 2020