BU Channel acting rapidly on passenger customer satisfaction survey results for Eastern & Western Channel

The BU Channel PAX customers who have registered an email address have the opportunity to review their trip with DFDS 1-2 weeks after their return journey. When the management team of BU Channel recently reviewed the latest customer satisfaction survey for Q3, they saw a slight decrease in the overall satisfaction for our Eastern & Western Channel routes. A workstream was implemented immediately to seek out any challenges which may have affected the customer journey or touchpoints and to investigate the change in how our customers are feeling.

Kasper Moos, Vice President and Head of BU Channel, says: “The Q3 results saw a slight decrease in the overall satisfaction score from 8.1 to 7.7 for passenger services for our Dover – France and Newhaven – Dieppe routes. Overall, it is only a minimal reduction from 2017. However, it is extremely important that we look into why our customers feel slightly less satisfied with our services. Therefore we have brought together colleagues from operational teams in the UK and France, on-board services and BUGP for the three routes to devise an action plan to ensure we can increase the overall satisfaction.”

“We strongly believe the decrease is due to a change in customer expectations. The customer satisfaction survey report includes a Staff-o-Meter from all touchpoints and I can proudly share with you that we have not experienced any reduction in how satisfied our guests are with the service provided by our enthusiastic and dedicated team in BU Channel. I would like to personally thank all of the BU Channel team for their continuous commitment and hard work to ensure the most positive experience for our valued guests.”

Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager of BU Channel, says: ”Even though we have seen this slight reduction in our customer satisfaction survey we can see that our guests are very satisfied when we hear from them through other communication channels. The volume of complaints to Customer Care is minimal and currently represents 0.02% of passengers and 0.05% of vehicles carried year-to-date.
From interviews conducted at the port for our check-in services, our Net Promoter Score is 86 and 78 for loading experiences, year-to-date. The score on board our vessels for services received is 45 and we have received over 500,000 responses through the temperature check system.”

“Overall, our guests are extremely satisfied with the services provided by DFDS, now it will be just perfect to get a small positive push with our customer satisfaction survey to return the scores where we benchmark within the business unit. It is absolutely essential that we always listen to important feedback and that we keep up with the latest products and services to ensure we are one step ahead of our customers’ expectations.”


November 16, 2018