What Brexit means for passengers

Customers can now find up-to-date guidance on travelling to and from the UK after 31 December. Web, email, blog and FAQs updated.

With the transition period for the UK leaving the EU coming to an end on 31 December, it is important to communicate to our customers the impact this will have on travel.

“The end of the transition period of the UK leaving the EU will change certain elements of travel for our passengers. It is our responsibility to clearly communicate this and reassure our customers that they can still book with confidence with DFDS. These changes were implemented efficiently and effectively across all locales for both UK-EU and EU-UK travel and I’m proud of the way our agile teams worked alongside our customer care teams to implement this,” said Campaign Manager, Jacques Webb, who led Passenger Marketing’s update of all customer touchpoints with key information about travel post-Brexit.

  • Our Brexit FAQs page has been extensively updated with the latest government guidance, with a link to the official government pages for more detail.
  • All pages referring to Brexit updated. Customers can now find up-to-date guidance on pet travel, insurance, driving in the EU and more.
  • We have shared a blog post with customers social media channels, with overview of the key changes to travel once the transition period is over. We will keep informing customers about this on social media until early 2021.
  • Our customer emails now include secondary messages as standard, informing

about the key changes to travel and linking to our Brexit FAQs page. We have also emailed customers with pets, with guidance on checks and certificates needed for pet travel for 2021 onwards.

These important updates have been implemented across every locale to ensure all customers receive the latest guidance on travel in 2021 and beyond. We will continue to keep our customers informed of key changes to travel to and from the UK.

November 16, 2020