The UK has left the EU updated with new information on UK trade rules following the UK’s exit from the EU.

The UK has left the EU, with the transition period ending 31 December, 2020. After this date, cargo moving between the UK and the EU will have to undergo customs formalities and border control.

“Brexit hasn’t gotten a lot of public attention lately due to the summer and the Covid-19 crisis. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been preparing. In all affected offices and central departments teams have worked hard to consider all details, map new processes and have in-depth dialogues with customers and local authorities to ensure that we can continue to be an important link in the European supply chain, also after January 1, 2021,” says Peder Gellert, EVP of the Ferry Division.

“This work also includes thinking customs formalities into our processes and systems like Logistics’ DFDS Direct, Ferry’s My Freight solution, hiring experts so we can give our customers the right support, reviewing finance and reporting structures, updating a number of our crucial IT systems and building new tech integrations to customers and authorities. This work is ongoing and continues,” says Niklas Andersson, EVP of the Logistics Division.


All UK importers and exporters must prepare

While we have come a long way in our preparations, many customers have not been able to do the same yet. And no matter how well we prepare, port traffic will still be disrupted if too many transports arrive at check-in without the necessary documentation. That is why informing our customers about their need to prepare and how we can support them is vital to ensuring as smooth a transition as possible.


Work in progress

With ten routes in and out of the UK, DFDS can and will feel the consequences of Brexit on a daily basis. There are still questions to be answered, particularly in the UK.  ”We have worked steadily on this since 2016 and the hard work continues in every area. It will continue to involve and affect a lot of people in our company,” says Route Agency and Border Compliance Director Emma Leam-Saville. “We are in close dialogue with the UK government to make sure we always have and are able to act on the latest information and political developments.”

Jens Antonsen, VP, Logistics, says: “There are still some unknowns and our new EU/UK customs pages are work in progress. We have gone into as much detail possible, based on the information we have. We will update the pages regularly based on your questions, feedback and as the situation develops. Also, with the support of Group Indirect Tax Manager Jean Aubert, we are training local teams to be able to assist customers with their customs formalities. This includes hiring local customs experts in addition to the experts hired centrally in DFDS Polska.”


Getting ready

Emma and Jens work with Communications on preparing DFDS for the end of the transition. is now updated with the latest information on how to trade in and through the UK after 1 January, 2021. We have translated the rules and preparations into Q&As, checklists and useful links. Over the next few months, we will follow up with initiatives aimed at providing you with all the information you and our customers need to do business with the UK in 2021.

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September 29, 2020