Seafood supply chain: Logistics at Brexit summit in France

DFDS employees attended a Brexit summit in Boulogne-sur-Mer to discuss the important seafood supply chain. Pictured are Stephanie Boriller, Operations Manager of DFDS Logistics Boulogne, Ivan Weatherhogg, Operations Director of DFDS Grimsby and Terry Broadhead, Managing Director of DFDS Grimsby


In preparation for Brexit, DFDS is coordinating its preparations with authorities, trade associations, customers and other stakeholders in order to align preparations so the supply chain works for all – this is not least the case for our important exports of seafood from the UK.

Thus, a delegation of employees from DFDS attended a Brexit summit in Boulogne-sur-Mer last week to discuss the readiness of the supply chain for seafood products entering through this key location.

The session included presentations from Seafish (a UK-based non-departmental public body) the Grimsby-based FMA (Fish Merchants Association) and DFDS Grimsby.

This well-attended event included representatives from the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Port of Boulogne, cold store operators STEF and Delanchy, as well as several UK and French fish merchants.

Also in attendance was the Mayor of Boulogne, who gave a good insight into the port’s capabilities and the future plans to ensure seamless operations post-Brexit.

Terry Broadhead, MD of DFDS Grimsby, says: “It is crucial that with so little time left, all parties involved in the supply chain understand the role they play, and the level of readiness they need to achieve. Sessions like this are invaluable, with all key stakeholders in the room, to provide clarity on what can, and equally as important, what can’t be achieved.”

August 28, 2019