Politics, Brexit: DFDS promotes our interests

Xavier Bertrand, the President of the French Hauts-de-France region was in Copenhagen to meet representatives of Danish business. Labour market and politics, among them Peder Gellert who had a fruitful discussion with him about the situation in Calais after Brexit

DFDS continues its work to protect our Brexit interests among decision makers in the UK and the EU to ensure that we get the attention and support of politics authorities and trade associations that can potentially influence future trade conditions.

At a meeting in the British Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen, Peder Gellert, Head of the Ferry Division, presented our expectations and wishes for a continued free flow of goods across borders and informed about our own work to prepare for a new order of things after the end of the current transition period.

“I think that our situation gives embassies, politicians and authorities working with this a very concrete view into the conditions that affect trade, and my presentation was followed by a very lively debate that revealed understanding for the difficulties that trade could be facing. I think we need to keep pushing for good solutions and hope they will find their way into the final negotiations,” Peder says.

Meeting Xavier Bertrand
Brexit was also on the agenda at a dinner arranged by the Danish-French trade association in Copenhagen on 17 February. The association had invited Xavier Bertrand, President of the region Hauts-de-France and former minister in various French governments as main speaker at the conference.

“Focus was very much on Danish-French connections, and as we are a Danish owned company, I had a fruitful discussion with Mr. Bertrand about Brexit during dinner about how it can affect our Channel services and the region, and especially on how the region can support us in our work to ensure that conditions are in place for as barrier free trade as possible. Among other things, we discussed locations of Border Inspection Points and the general cooperation with the local and regional authorities. Considering the effects, it may have on Haute-de-France, we certainly have the attention of the President,” says Peder Gellert.

Peder Gellert at the dinner arranged by the Danish-French trade association in Copenhagen on 17 February

March 2, 2020