Now is the time to focus on Brexit

Dear everyone in the Ferry and Logistics Divisions,

It is impossible to precisely predict the risk of a no-deal Brexit on 31 October, but it is fair to say that the risk hasn’t reduced lately – in fact rather the opposite! Therefore, we need to make sure that DFDS is ready and those of you working in our UK related businesses need to maintain attention to completing our own preparations and helping our customers complete theirs.

It is urgent. As it stands now, the free flow of goods will be affected by customs formalities in only 48 days.

We have come a long way, but there are still training to do and processes to adapt so that we can efficiently undertake customs clearance for those of our customers who ask us to do it for them.

There is a great deal of testing to do to ensure that the flow concepts planned in cooperation with customs authorities, ports and DFDS work as intended.

Support and understanding are needed for our colleagues in IT, who work tirelessly to get all systems ready for customs clearance and communication with customs and ports.

There will still be customers of Ferries and Logistics who have not completed the registrations and certifications  required for the customs formalities. You will need to reach out to those customers with meeting invites and other communication.

While providing information about the requirements to which we and our customers must adhere, we also need to show confidence in our ability to handle the Brexit challenges. Some of the scenarios presented to the public are much more negative than we perceive them to be. If we do it right, we and our customers can overcome the difficulties, limit delays and re-establish the flow within a few weeks.

We provide the infrastructure and the transport, which our customers should be able to rely on. Therefore, we have an obligation to be ready. Please use the knowledge gathered by the Brexit team and support them in their work and negotiations with the authorities. Use our Brexit website, which will be updated with the latest news next week. And above all, continue the fantastic work you have done so far in all locations.

Peder Gellert                                                         Niklas Andersson

EVP, Head of the Ferry Division                               EVP, Head of the Logistics Division

September 13, 2019