“Keep your business moving”

Marketing launches campaign to let customers know that wherever they are in their Brexit preparations, DFDS can help keep their business moving.

“Customers need to know that DFDS is prepared for Brexit and and ready to help them,” says Kenneth TangeHead of B2B Marketing at DFDS. “We are now launching a campaign to inform customers about how we can keep their business moving in and out of the UK when the new trade rules kick in on 1 January 2021. We are ready for whatever is coming.” 


Tools for you 

On Brand Central, you can find a PowerPoint detailing what we can offer customers, as well as images and email banners. We have also updated the website with Ferry– and Logistics-relevant Brexit information, highlighting the fact that we are digitally ready, too, with the tools My Freight and DFDS Direct for customers to easily manage their bookings. There’s also a Social Media post you can share if you like here 

We will shortly be sending out a questionnaire to Logistics customers, asking them about preparations and what they need, to better assess where we can set in to give them the best possible support. And for Ferry customers, we’re hosting a webinar on customs and border control in the EU on 12 November, featuring CEO of the British Ports Association Richard BallantyneManaging Director Immingham Andrew Byrne and and our resident Brexit expert Emma Leam-Saville 


Here to help 

We want to bring DFDS and customers even closer together in this tricky transition period where we get used to the UK no longer being part of the EU, says Jenny Allert, Head of the Regional Marketing Hubs. If anyone in DFDS needs assistance with local marketing matters, they’re very welcome to get in touch with us The Hubs are cross-divisional and can help with anything that has to do with getting sales and marketing material produced and across to customers. Right now, we’re working on two regional Brexit newsletters – one with Ferry-related content and another for Logistics – to be sent out shortly.   

The Marketing Hubs team consists of Julie Kromann Grundtvig who covers the Continent, Krupa Patel for the UK and Ireland, Gizem Sen for the Mediterranean, Vaidas Klumbys for the Baltics and Jenny Allert for the Nordics. 

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November 9, 2020