DFDS Seaways UK host Multi-Agency Brexit Planning Day

Conscious that the clock is ticking towards Brexit, DFDS Seaways UK hosted a meeting with several UK Customs and Border authorities on 6 August.


The DFDS Seaways Immingham Management Team are conscious that the clock is ticking towards 31 October. To align Brexit processes and expectations for the North Sea Freight routes in the UK, they brought together several of the UK Customs and Border authorities for a meeting Immingham on 6 August.

After the meeting featuring 25 key stakeholders, Managing Director Andrew Byrne said: “It was about getting everyone around the table and getting some alignment on operational process and practicality. Not only do we want to be port-ready for when the time comes – be it deal or no deal – we want to make sure everyone else is. If what we have proposed becomes best practice, then that is a really powerful contribution – to drive rather than be driven.”

The diverse range of cargo and the pace at which roll-on, roll-off traffic arrives and leaves the facility – on average one unit every 60 seconds – means retaining the fluid movement of goods is a top priority. Due to the complex and multi-user nature of the Port Estate it is also vital other port users and operators retain the same free flowing operation otherwise their issues could affect all port users.

The DFDS team gave all meeting attendees a tour of the terminal. This gave all parties a taste of the impact that anything, but smooth passage could cause. The tour brought to life the issue of frictionless trade. All agencies could see it at first hand which was very powerful.

Agency Director Emma Leam explained why she felt the need to bring people together, “We were concerned about the lack of activity with planning and where we are. We needed to get things moving so we took the decision to not only host but facilitate a meeting with several key government agencies.”

“We had proposals we wanted to run by them, to ensure we are compliant whilst being efficient. We are critical to the UK supply chain and economy and we needed to show people this first-hand. We have been working hard to prepare for everything and be ready for anything, but we need to be aligned with all the agencies,” she added.

Next month DFDS Seaways UK will host and facilitate a Brexit Engagement Day with customers and supply chain partners with over 100 delegates expected to attend.

August 13, 2019