DFDS is getting ready for Brexit

DFDS has many passengers and freight customers on our EU – UK routes who depend on our services and who would like to see uncertainty replaced by more solid information about the future after Brexit.

“However, in spite of long and intense negotiations between the EU and the UK, very few things are certain at present. We also do not yet know for sure whether there will be a transition period, and what the transition arrangements will entail. Therefore, we have established a task force to assist with preparing DFDS for Brexit,” says Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of the Shipping Division.

“And even though we believe there will be an extension of the negotiation period and a sensible transition period, we will prepare for the UK leaving the EU as originally planned on 29 March 2019,” he says.

Learning from Norway traffic

“We plan to offer customs services to our customers to limit or avoid extra waiting times and delays for them. In each of our port and terminal locations, the team is assessing whether customs checks will require additional space or equipment and whether the solution needs to be developed in co-operation with other port operators,” says Eddie Green, EVP and Head of our Logistics Division.

“We are in a good position as we already do customs clearance in Immingham for our Norway traffic. Therefore, the team visited Shipping and Logistics in Immingham to map the way we handle the traffic, information flows and customs processes for our Norway traffic. This is a valuable source of knowledge and expertise which we can use to develop services that can limit the effect of Brexit on our customers,” says Eddie.

DFDS is also looking into building partnership with the customs and other authorities to explore Hi the opportunities that lay in further integration of our and the authorities’ IT systems.

Read DFDS’ position on Brexit here: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/general-information-customs/customs-security/authorised-economic-operator-aeo_en

March 15, 2018