Customers flocked to Brexit webinar 

DFDS webinar on new UK border rules drew 400 people. The format works well, helps us get in dialogue with customers and helps us pinpoint what kind of information they need from us.

Last week, B2B Marketing and the Immingham office hosted a webinar on the new UK border control rules. Andrew Byrne, Managing Director in Immingham, Richard Ballantynea Chief Executive at British Ports Association, and our Border Compliance Director Emma Leam-Saville shared insights and recommendations on what customers need to do to keep their goods moving to and from the UK. 

“It’s clear there’s a need out there to have someone take the customer’s hand and guide them through the jungle of new rules, documents and processes. Almost 500 people signed up and 400 attended, which is way beyond what we dared hope for when we planned it,” says Head of B2B marketing Kenneth Tange 

The first 20 questions popped up before the hour-long webinar even started, and they just kept coming throughout. Not just is the webinar a format that works well in these virtual times, it’s also a great way for us to get a real dialogue going with customers and qualify what kind of information we provide them with, Kenneth says. 

Andrew Byrne agrees: “The questions that came up show that a lot of customers still have a long way to go before they’re prepared for what’s coming. The feedback after the webinar has been very positive, and we might do another one soon as there quite simply wasn’t enough time to answer the participants’ many and diverse questionsespecially the very technical ones. There’s a lot of talk of Brexit fatigue, but I think that’s due to people not knowing what to do, because of the lack of clarity of the future arrangements. There are still unknowns in all this, but the fact is that we’re as prepared as we can be and can help customers prepare, and that was a message that went across well in the webinar. After all, we’re all in this together.” 

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We will be launching more webinars across both Logistic and Ferry division to help our customers get through the transition. We will publish these on The Bridge and on social media.  

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November 18, 2020