Channel colleagues prepare for Brexit

The ‘Get ready for Brexit’ staff offer invaluable guidance to customers and their drivers about the the potential Brexit on 31 October and how the procedures will be

As Brexit approaches, our colleagues on the Channel are preparing for the challenges ahead and have been for some time.

Amongst readiness planning within the ports and impact programmes for counties in the greater area, especially Kent, we are preparing our customers for a smooth transition together with the Department for Transport.

Therefore, we have teamed up with their marketing and strategy Brexit-team to deliver very important guidance to our customers and drivers.

Teams of two or three members of staff have started working 24/7 in and near the ‘Road Kings’ drivers lounge. They have a small area with some banners, desks, questionnaires, leaflets, as well as advice and information and guides for drivers. All this is delivered in several languages and includes information about how we are preparing for the challenges of hauliers and exporters.

Currently, teams are always present on board Dunkerque Seaways, and all six vessels are set to have round-the-clock coverage from 23 September. The other five being Dover Seaways, Delft Seaways, Calais Seaways, Côte des Dunes and Côte des Flandres.

Terminal Operations Manager Stewart Pearce says: “The teams are very well organised and have found a comfortable rhythm so as not to interfere with the drivers’ schedules for resting and meals. I speak with the managing director daily, and things are going well. Our efforts are well received with positive feedback from the vessel.”

“We firmly believe that this will go a long way to educating and keeping our customers well informed, and of course we are convinced that the customers will appreciate the assistance and guidance we offer.”

Guides and information are available in several languages and presented by well-trained staff

September 20, 2019