Patria Seaways moving to Paldiski to assist on Kapellskär and Hanko routes

On 11 July, Patria Seaways will be moved from the Klaipėda – Karlshamn route to the Estonian corridors of Paldiski – Kapellskär and Paldiski – Hanko so that Sailor can be released for dry dock.

Patria will cover Sailor’s routes from 12 to 26 July and will be back in Klaipėda on 28 July to continue the service to Karlshamn. The affected passenger bookings on Patria Seaways Klaipėda – Karlshamn route have been moved to adjacent departures on Athena Seaways and Optima Seaways.

“With the present high performance of our Estonian routes, this will prove an efficient solution. I am really pleased that we have been able to arrange this short-term charter so that we are in a position to provide an uninterrupted service for our Baltic and Nordic customers on the routes where we experience high demand for capacity at this time of the year,” says Peeter Ojasaaar, Route & Managing Director.

Catering services for our guests onboard Sailor are limited to a buffet restaurant, thus placing Patria in Paldiski provides some opportunities for the DFDS Onboard business.

Arlandas Gibėža, Baltic Onboard Sales Manager, says: “We are proud of our professional and experienced Lithuanian catering crew on Patria Seaways and they will be supported by our Estonian colleagues. The shop has the largest retail space in the Baltic fleet and we have dining options for our guests, which is why we are happy to trial these concepts on the Paldiski – Hanko route. Hopefully this will result in increased customer satisfaction and additional revenues for DFDS.”


July 5, 2019