Passengers on Baltic routes can now choose a healthy menu

From left to right: Sofija Kočmariova- Cook Assistant; Juozas Rinkevičius – Chef; Vaidas Krūmas – Food & Beverage Manager, BU Baltic; Ugne Radzevičienė – nutrition expert; Lorena Tumėnaitė – Cook Assistant.

Inspired by the growing number of customers with special dietary needs, the BU Baltic on-board service team has launched a healthy menu for customers ordering à la carte. The new health-conscious menu will be available at the beginning of the peak season as an alternative option for individual customers and groups travelling on the Klaipeda – Karlshamn and Klaipeda – Kiel routes.

“A survey conducted in Lithuania in May showed that 62% of our passengers are likely to choose an option from a healthy menu if the price and size of the dishes are similar to those on the regular menu. This result has strengthened our determination to be prepared before the peak season. To that end, we invited Mrs Radzeviciene, a well-known specialist in progressive nutrition, who prepared the menu options without gluten, lactose, eggs and other animal products. Dishes like these might be preferred by vegetarians, vegans and others who tend to focus on a healthy lifestyle,” says Vaidas Krūmas, Food & Beverage Manager, BU Baltic.

To help the staff become even better at preparing delicious and healthy meals, individual training courses have been held with Mrs Radzeviciene on board all BU Baltic passenger ships. Furthermore, this has not only been beneficial to our customers, it has also turned out to be very beneficial to the crew, who have learned more about healthy living.

“We are very happy with this new initiative, and we are looking forward to develop more new opportunities that can help us adjust to the current trends and satisfy the aspirations of our guests,” Vaidas Krūmas says.

Have a look at some tasty examples from the menu and read the full menu right here: Healthy Meniu_GB_BUB’2019.

Chickpeas Tower – chickpeas pancakes with almond cream and mushroom sauce

Green protein – spinach, avocado and tofu

June 21, 2019