Optima Seaways opened Klaipėda’s Parade of Ships with fireworks

More than 60 ships took part in the Parade of Ships 2019 in Klaipėda, which was begun and concluded by our ferries on the route with horns and fireworks


Every year a parade of ships delights the gathered crowds of Lithuanians and tourists in Klaipėda. This was the 10th time the Parade of Ships was organised and the third in a row where DFDS ferries had begun and concluded the 60-ship parade with horns and fireworks.

The fireworks were brought to Optima Seaways on Saturday morning on 18 May and prepared by the organisers to be let off in the evening during the event. Our captain and crew were instructed on procedures and everything went very well. The start and finish of the parade were scheduled to coincide with the departures of Optima Seaways and Victoria Seaways to Karlshamn and Kiel respectively, so playing this part in the parade causes no delay but a lot of joy.

“Since the cruise ship terminal was opened in the centre of Klaipėda in 2003, many new brand and service promotion opportunities have opened up for DFDS. All major events, concerts and more are now being held at the cruise ship terminal, attracting thousands of citizens and city guests. We never miss an opportunity to promote DFDS by sounding the ship’s horn or letting off fireworks when passing the terminal,” says Vaidas Klumbys, General Manager of Communication and PR for BU Baltics.

Optima Seaways dwarfs small boats in Klaipėda’s port as she departs for Karlshamn

May 22, 2019