New Commodore cabins on Patria

Before and after pictures of the commodore cabins. Thank you to Karolis Dobrovolskas, Operations Manager, and Vilma Songailaite, Marketing & Communications Manager, for sharing the pictures.

This spring, the BU Baltic Onboard department started collaborating with an established Baltic designer Darius Budrys to improve some of the interior spaces on the BU Baltic vessels.

Karolis Dobrovolskas, Operations Manager, says, “On top of the usual wear and tear routine interior projects, we are also implementing significant upgrades and improvements to our public spaces and premium cabins for the wellbeing and comfort. Now that our first project of renovating two premium class cabins on Patria Seaways is complete, we are very pleased with the final result.

The designer Budrys explains that it was an interesting challenge to work on the interior design in a ship. He says: “We love challenges and enjoy working on complicated projects, so upgrading Patria’s cabins was one of the exciting ones. I do not limit my work to only the design side. I love participating in the projects from the concept to the very end, when we make sure the pillows sit right, and the curtains are all aligned perfectly.”

The cabins are a perfect combination of both stylish and practical solutions: expandable coffee tables, couches, reading lights conveniently attached to the bed. “We installed Contardi Italia Lighting reading lamps to add practicality, but also style. I work with Contardi on our five star hotel projects, and we hope that the passengers staying in the Commodore cabins enjoy the equally excellent service,” says Budrys.

The BU Baltic Onboard team looks forward to new projects that continue to bring fresh looks and high-quality accommodations.

More pictures of the new commodore cabins:

May 28, 2020