New art on Baltic ferries

BU Baltic Passenger has recently launched another art exhibition. This time compelling paper collages by local artist Donata Buivydė will decorate the six passenger ferries in the Baltics until March 2021. 

 Vilma Songailaite, Communications and Marketing Manager, is excited to look for artists and organise the semi-annual art exhibitions. She says: “It is really a win-win for all. We get to use our space to show passengers the diverse creativity in the Baltics and talented local artists like Donata get an opportunity to showcase their art. 

Her collage cycle “Experience the Horizon” invite the viewer to look at everything from a perspective and reflect on what really matters and what doesn’t matter at all. It also depicts a horizon that symbolise promiseIt is always somewhere far away and inaccessible.   

Donata Buivydė saysWhen I got an invitation from DFDS to create a special set of collages, I literally squealed out of excitement.  

amproud that for the next six months my exhibition will travel between Lithuania, Germany, Sweden and Estonia! Huge thank you to DFDS for this opportunity and trust in my creativity! 

Donata from Šilutė in Lithuania was a finalist in the national competition “ReStart 2020” and exhibited her work at the Prospect Gallery in Vilnius. You can see more of Donata’s work on or follow her on Instagram at @collage_like_picasso. Her exhibition for DFDS can be found here.

November 19, 2020