Four teams move into new and modern Klaipėda office

On Board Sales, Passenger Marketing, Global Sales and Customer Care teams have moved into a new office building Klaipėda, to collaborate in an improved working environment.


Being together empowers!

Some of our colleagues from Lithuania ended the other week with a celebration. In early February a new office building built to the highest standards in energy efficiency became home for On Board sales, Passenger Marketing, Global Sales and Customer Care centre teams in Klaipėda.

The teams are excited as it’s a nice upgrade. The new office is in a perfect location – allowing people easily reach the port area or treat themselves to a lunch-break in the city centre.

Robertas Kogelis, Director for Klaipėda Terminal Operations & Baltic Onboard Sales, says: “For the past year these teams were working in separate offices. Gathering them in one spacious environment full of natural lighting is going to play a huge role in creative solutions and joint projects.”

“By the looks of it, it does appear to be the best available modern office space in town, and it was just finished in 2019, so well done for securing this for DFDS. It has been our ambition to merge these teams to secure collaborative spirit and efficient communication, to ensure we are aiming for the Baltic routes business goals together as a strong team. Cross-functional activities are now easier to carry out for this bunch of fantastic colleagues. We can also have fun together here, as we throw an opening party or stay in shape with our ‘February Step Challenge’, in addition to achieving great results.”

The office opening ceremony also turned out to be great chance to build up a team spirit as they organised and hosted the whole event by themselves.

Facts about the building
– Spacious working environment with lots of natural light.
– A+ energy class building space. Solar powered with advanced architectural solutions and fully autonomous systems to circulate air and save energy.
– Careful use of materials to prevent 37% of direct sunlight, reducing need for both cooling and air conditioning over changing seasons.
– The office is divided into two parts, with customer care placed by itself to reduce the levels of noise for the other teams.
– Great kitchens and lounge zone as well as plenty of meeting rooms.
– Electric vehicle charging in the parking zone.

All these features support DFDS in living up to our standards of reducing our environmental footprint and being a caring employer.

“This responsible approach was key when selecting the premises,“ says Robertas.

February 20, 2020