BU Baltic: Team-building and CSR go hand in hand

Lars Hoffmann & Peter Kristensen

On a sunny day in June, the BU Baltic management team gathered in Klaipėda for their annual team day. And this team day indeed stood out compared to the previous ones as the Training & Development department had organised a handyman work-day in the local organisation ‘Lakstute’, which takes care of disabled people.

Tatjana Kochetkova, Training & Development Consultant, says: “The management team were offered an extensive list of activities to choose from but not surprisingly, the team was ambitious enough to head for delivery of all tasks on the list, including: digging the 45 square metres of land for a mini-golf area, painting three garden houses, painting 200 square metres of the summer terrace and 100 square metres of fence.”

All the participants agreed that it had been a very fruitful experience which gave rise to many thoughts and reflections on humbleness and gratitude. The residents at Lakstute had for a long time had a big wish to have a mini-golf area and being able to give it to them was a great satisfaction for the management team.

Robertas Kogelis, Director of Terminal Operations & Onboard Sales, says: “Putting myself into someone else’s shoes was a valuable experience – to see how some people choose careers with complete focus on helping those who need it most. I have to say, I absolutely loved the team day.”

Lars Hoffmann, Vice President & Head of Business Unit Mediterranean, says: “It was a very memorable experience, and during activities like this, you always get to see the ‘true face’ of your colleagues, for example those willing to walk the extra mile and those who prefer freewheeling. Nevertheless, digging or painting – we laughed a lot in our team.”


Anders Refsgaard (standing) & Jonas Nazarovas


Aleksej Slipenciuk


Robertas kogelis

July 17, 2019