LS Retail upgrade improves on-board sales management on Baltic ships

Ineta Nausėdaitė, Vladimiras Olšanskis and Irena Kryževičiutė enjoy an upgraded LS Retail system to manage sales on board our Baltic vessels

In just six weeks, our colleagues in the Baltic have succeeded in upgrading the LS Retail system, which is used to manage sales in shops, bars and restaurants and the stock on board. “With the new version, we can even manage the amounts of cash in the safe,” says Linas Lesauskas, Project Manager on BU Baltic routes.

The old system that was installed five years ago had become slow, and did not meet new security standards. So the need for an upgrade was obvious. All six BU Baltic vessels now have new hardware and an updated version of the software, and on-board staff have received the necessary training in using the system.

“This significantly reduces the time required for support and the system is automated, faster and secure. It also gives us a number of new exciting options, such as new mobile stock-counting devices which will decrease the amount of manual work required for stock management. At the moment, we are also investigating the possibility of implementing electronic shelf labels that are integrated with LS Retail,” says Linas.

The next upgrade is expected to be at the end of 2019, and will include a chip-and-pin integrated payment feature and the ability to issue paper meal vouchers.

Thank you
“We are pleased to have a smoother, more automated on-board sales management system. However, a new system also always brings changes to IT and business processes. So our thanks to the POS Team, Michael Bergmann, Torben Odegaard, Niclas Madsen, Jean Aarup, for always being there to support us. Special thanks also go to our catering crews on board for their patience and dedication to making things work; and thanks too to Rokas Budrevičius, who took care of a large number of implementation tasks and the aftercare, and who will continue to drive LS Retail in BU Baltics forward,” says Linas.

January 30, 2019