Baby born on Regina Seaways

Last weekend was exceptional for the Regina Seaways crew – a baby girl was born on a sailing from Klaipėda to Kiel.

It was early Saturday morning, 4:16 to be exact, that a passenger gave birth to a baby girl in a cabin. The ferry was in mid sail to Kiel as a woman started to feel that she was about to give birth. The crew followed the procedures and made an announcement asking for any doctors on board. A German paediatrician answered the call and together with Head of Services Indrė Vaškytė she welcomed the baby in the cabin.

The captain called for help from the shore, and a helicopter from Poland took the baby and the mother to the nearest hospital.

According to the father of the newborn, who was also on the ferry, it was a preterm birth so the baby had to be placed into an incubator. Fortunately both mother and daughter are healthy and fine.

“It was truly an extraordinary event. We can only be thankful and happy that all went well. I cannot be prouder of the crew and of course Head of Services Indrė Vaškytė, who demonstrated sharp thinking and no hesitation in this situation. Of course, many thanks to the doctor who was on board, too. The crew is now joking that the captain should be her godfather, and that the baby girl ought to be named Regina,” says On-board Operations Supervisor Karolis Dobrovolskas.

July 29, 2020