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Brexit transition period benefits all

Great news: The UK’s Brexit secretary, David Davis, and the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, have made a provisional agreement on a Brexit transition period, whereby the UK will retain the benefits of the single market and customs union until 31 December 2020. “This is very good news for DFDS and our customers, and indeed […]

Phoenix Build Team visits Gothenburg

Knowing the business is one of the core components of any successful build team. And therefore, the Phoenix Build Team recently headed to Gothenburg to learn how the end-users use and have evolved Phoenix to fit the terminal’s needs. The team had a tour of all business areas of Gothenburg. “We expect that this tour […]

BU Channel offers colouring packs for junior guests

Waiting in the vehicle lanes prior to embarkation is not usually the most enjoyable part of a holiday, especially not for our younger guests. The Operation’s team in BU Channel discussed this matter with Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager, and together they spent some time in the lanes asking families waiting to embark what would […]

Dieppe – Newhaven concession celebration

Earlier this week, Peder Gellert visited our French colleagues in Dieppe for a special celebration. We won the tender to operate the Dieppe – Newhaven route for another five years. As you might recall, four years ago DFDS took over the route. “The first extension was only for two years, which was then extended by […]

Great start for new restaurant concepts on Amsterdam-Newcastle

As you may know, DFDS’ cruise ferries on the Amsterdam-Newcastle routes recently opened the Explorers Kitchen restaurant based on a new concept. The guests are offered a buffet which includes tapas as well as Burgers, sushi, pasta, grill specialties, fresh salad and delicious deserts. New is also the Bistro North Sea a la carte restaurant. […]

Ports of Sweden’s change to union policy affects Gothenburg RoRo

The Ports of Sweden have decided on a new union policy, which means that port worker unions without collective agreements will lose rights which are not demanded by Swedish law. This also affects Gothenburg RoRo. “It is a national decision, which we can’t change locally, but are obliged to follow,” says Björn Wånge, Managing Director, […]

Next episode of the Marco Polo journey

Last month, we wrote about the former Michelin-experienced chef, Søren Westh from Denmark. He will be helping Marco Polo, the most exclusive restaurant on Crown and Pearl (the Copenhagen – Oslo route), to achieve even higher culinary levels with expert help from external top chefs. In the previous article, we shared the first episode of […]

Cooperation: DFDS met Direct Ferries’ management

DFDS met Direct Ferries at a meeting in their headquarter in London to share knowledge about each other and discuss how the cooperation can be further improved. Direct Ferries is a UK-based ferry travel aggregator service and one of the globe’s largest of its kind. It provides online bookings for ferry crossings across Europe (and […]

DFDS is getting ready for Brexit

DFDS has many passengers and freight customers on our EU – UK routes who depend on our services and who would like to see uncertainty replaced by more solid information about the future after Brexit. “However, in spite of long and intense negotiations between the EU and the UK, very few things are certain at […]

Bearing 2017: We continue to move for all to grow

Your motivation and engagement are crucial to DFDS’ success and our ability to continuously develop, improve and move for all to grow. With the Bearing engagement survey, we acquire valuable insights into how you and your colleagues are doing, and the areas where DFDS needs to improve to become an even better employer. Very high […]

Improving Phoenix: Development team gathers knowledge at BU Channel

When the Phoenix development team visited the Channel, they looked into all relevant aspects of the business, including getting a perfect view of the port’s layout and traffic flows from the top of the White Cliffs of Dover. Greg McDonald and Sam Kinnaird, analyst from DFDS Phoenix development team based in Grimsby, and Phoenix product […]